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Our mission at CrossFit Valor is to provide our clients and community with the absolute best fitness program and education available. Through a combination of CrossFit training and nutrition guidance we assist our members in exceeding their fitness goals and expectations. Our Athletes are trained to perform successfully at multiple, and diverse physical challenges to include a combination of calisthenics, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, power lifting, running, rowing, and endurance events while taking into account a basic understanding of the each athletes required nutrition. 

All workouts are individually scaled to varying weights, times and intensity levels making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of body composition, current fitness level, age, gender or experience.

At CrossFit Valor, we seek to challenge each of our members mentally and physically while embracing the spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie. We will assist you in tracking your progress and pushing past your illusions of limitation. As a member of our community you will also form some of the best friendships of your life with like-minded individuals who will keep you motivated and inspired to achieve. We believe fitness to be a life-long journey that will enable you to lead a long and healthy life. Our goal is not to change who you are; just make you a better, faster, stronger and more confident participant in your own daily life.


Flexible Classes and Membership Plans

We offer classes for all levels of athletes, from beginner to intermediate and advanced with a wide variety of class times throughout the day. We also offer a wide variety of flexible membership options with multiple price points to accommodate any schedule and budget.

Skilled and Caring Coaches

We have 5 of the best coaches in the Columbia area. Each individual was chosen because of their care for each and every person and their love for CrossFit and helping people reach their goals

We Focus on Beginners and Deconditioned Athletes

We have some amazing athletes at Crossfit Valor, many who compete regularly in local CrossFit competitions. But our primary focus will always remain on regular athletes who are mostly beginners and/or deconditioned athletes. Our primary goal is to get families off the couch and to inspire them to become active participants in their daily lives. Our program is designed to support the beginner as well as competitive athletes. your goal, we will get you there

Awesome Community that Likes to Have Fun (Beyond the Gym Walls)

We are a real community. Our members know each others names, cheer each other on, and socialize regularly outside of the gym. Our members come from all walks of life, to include stay at home moms/dads, telecommuters, corporate/business professionals, small business owners, military and first responders, nurses and medical practioners, students, teachers, lawyers, chefs, etc. We host and participate in a wide range of activities and social events inside and beyond the gym, to include cookouts, baby showers, weddings, charity events, baseball games, etc.

World Class Facility in a Convenient Location

CrossFit Valor is one of the cleanest and well-appointed CrossFit gyms in the North East Columbia area. We are equipped with top of the line training gear, to include 50 foot of pull up rig, climbing ropes, rings, GHD machines, lifting platforms, jerk blocks, kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers, assault bikes, tires, sandbags


We also invite you to come in for a free, introductory training session so you can experience our coaching style, facilities, and equipment for yourself.